The Great European Disaster

The UK voted for Brexit, but what does the future reserve for the European Union? Are we on the verge of a disaster or is this a great opportunity for a much needed reform?

Join us in Geneva for a thought-provoking screening of The Great European Disaster Movie followed by a debate with Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist, on the possible futures of the EU.

Directed by Annalisa Piras and executively produced by Bill Emmott, “The Great European Disaster Movie” examines the identity crisis of current-day Europe and the complex challenges that are mounting against the Union’s survival. Beset by seven years of economic crisis and an increasing dissatisfaction with its undemocratic political structure, will Europe sleepwalk into catastrophe as it did one hundred years ago? Using beautiful photography, high level expert interviews, personal stories, archival footage, Piras constructs an epic picture of a Europe that is worth fighting for, but which, if things carry on as they are, looks destined for disintegration. Subtle, moving, thought-provoking and witty, “The Great European Disaster Movie” is far more than a political film but instead frames Europe through the eyes of those who are most important to its success: the Europeans themselves.

The event is organized jointly by l’Institut de hautes études internationales et du développementA Riveder Le StelleRENA and Wake Up Europe!

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